Hello, my name is Cilla Jamieson and I am an artist.

I have always been an artist…I just didn’t own up to it till late in life.

When I was 3 years old my mother found me drawing great big marks and letters on the bedroom wall. I was having a blast…I had finally found a ” canvas” big enough for me!!  Surprisingly, she just looked at it and then at me and said, ” Dear, we draw on paper.” And she gave me some.

I say surprisingly because most of my life I was apt to do the “wrong” thing and get punished by my mother. But I have to give her credit for not punishing me then.

Later when I got to school, I was told to draw within the lines. something I don’t like to do in art, or in life. Was I a rebel? Yes…but a sneaky one. I didn’t admit I was really an enormous being trapped in a little body. a being with great artistic ideas, views and talents. And so I went through life, loving art but not pursuing it.

I see an artist as a person who looks at the world, both inner and outer world just a little differently than others. someone who has a different viewpoint from the media or public education. An individual.

I painted, sketched, danced, sang and created whenever and wherever I could, but it wasn’t until my sister invited me, repeatedly, to go out and paint in her studio, that I truly woke up to the fact of who I am.

I am an Artist!!!

So thanks to Zoe

and Life

and my own creativity, which is limitless,

I now paint and am happy to share the creations with you. May you find that special painting that speaks to you and buy it.

Lots of Love and Hugs